Çağlar Atabay

Archive Specialist
+90 212 213 93 93

Çağlar ATABAY was born in 1985 in Istanbul. After graduating from Beşiktaş High School, he studied Business Administration at Anadolu University. He carried out joint projects with Kadıköy and Beykoz Traffic Branches, and after his duties such as the logistics responsibility of Doğan Media Group D&R stores, he carried his experience in the fields of accounting, reporting, logistics, and office management, which he gained over the years, to the field of Digital Archiving. He has worked as a Digital and Physical Archiving Project Coordinator in different institutions since 2018. He has designed projects for Zorlu Holding, Bilim Pharmaceuticals, Abbott, Siemens, Koç Holding, Teknosa, and Dydo Drinco.. He has been working as an Archive Specialist in our company since 2021.