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Reporting ECOVIS Kapital Network supports the new and existing business owners with excellent solutions to all legal, financial and tax issues. Our legal and reporting departments always stand by you with prompt solutions and tailor made reporting’s , in order to feel, as if you are managing your business in your own country.

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ECOVIS Kapital Network provides a number of reporting and corporate secretarial services like filing of your financial statements to the management by using the booked data in the local books, adaptation of the local bookings to USGAAP or IFRS, filing the financial results in the format that your good company requests, set up and liquidation of the Companies, establishment of liaison offices, branch offices and any other legal form of a permanent entity in Turkey, preparation of transfer pricing reports as per the local rules, collecting and endorsing cheques on behalf of your Company.
The reporting services are detailed as below:
- Reporting:
* Filing financial statements to the management based on the booked data.
* Mapping in between the local chart of accounts and the management chart of accounts.
* Preparation of reports as per IFRS or USGAAP or in any other internationally recognized set of accounting and reporting principles & standards by adapting the local bookings to IFRS or USGAAP ot any other recognized GAAP.
* Making adjustments and reclassifications for converting the figures driven from the statutory books into ones compatible with internationally recognized comprehensive set of accounting and reporting principles/standards and/or your peculia r accounting and reporting guidelines.
* Preparing of management reportings in the requested format.
* Preparation of forecast reports.
* Preparation of reports regarding the liquidity of your entity. (cash flow, ratioanalysis).
- Transfer Pricing:
* Preparation of transfer pricing report described as per the local legislation.
* Transfer pricing service relates to the investigation of sales, purchases and borrowing transactions carried out by taxpayers with related parties. Such transactions need to be priced on an arms-length basis under the prevailing market conditions and in accordance with the requirements of Article 13 of the Corporate Tax Law, No. 5520 and the
Income Tax Law, No. 193.
* Transfer pricing service includes carrying out special an alysis and assessment of the your activities, due to the fact that the legislation on the said matter is new, thus investigation risk thereof by tax authorities is high.
- Corporate Secretarial Services:
* Establishing Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
* Establishing Joint Stock Companies
* Establishing Branch Offices
* Establishing Liaison Offices / Representative Offices
* Establishing Joint Ventures
* Entity Status Transformations
* Share Valuations
* Mergers and Acquisitions
* Financial Due Diligence
* Organizing, preparation of agenda, attendance list and other legal documentation relating to the Board of Directors (BOD) meetings.
* Keeping the register of the BOD resolutions and preparation of the minutes for BOD meetings including the ones at which the annual
* Legal Approval of financial statements and directors.
* Preparation of the annual BOD’s report to accompany the annual financial statements to be presented to the annual shareholders’ annual general meeting.
* Preparation of the agenda, attendance list and all other documents for AGM.
* Preparation, registration and publishing of the minutes and all other documentation in connection with the annual general meeting.
* Where required, arranging for the power(s) of attorney for accounting service provider personnel to represent the shareholder(s).
* Filing annual general meeting documentation with the National Trade Register together with the annual financial statements.
* Preparing all documents and managing the whole process of appointing or terminating members of the board of directors or of the board of managers.
* Liaising with and providing support to you in all corporate matters including share capital increase and all other similar processes.
* Preparing all documents and managing the whole process of the address changes of your Company.
* Liaison office annual report filings.
- Other Services:
* Issuing Invoices.
* Cheque Collection and Endorsment of Cheques before they are cash in the Banks.
* Archiving as per the Commercial Code and Tax Law.




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