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Message From Our Managing Partner

Prior to the start of my career professionally in January 1995, I had taken decisions regarding my professional principles and I don’t see any harm in sharing these with you.


I had prioritized working with foreign investors which needed Tax and Outsourcing services especially because they had trusted and favoured to work in Turkey. I also believed that they needed professional and high quality services from their Turkish partners. It was also essential for me to perform my liabilities at the uppermost international standards with an average charge.


Other aspects I took into consideration, was the fake invoices that had been around commonly, thus meant that these companies where deceiving the government, besides the employment of uninsured workers that also meant defrauding their employees. This was of my total disapproval hence why I would not work according to please these firms. In additional to this we also took into consideration to work with establishments that have been loyal to their commitments.


I have been loyal to all of these principles of mine during all my partnerships. I did not obtain any harm from the decisions taken. We have always paid a lot of attention to have an accurate recruitment policy along with improving the skills of our employees by hard trainings considering that our firm provides intangible products. Our aim was to work efficiently with trained staff capturing a reliable growth trend as we target to compose a permanent and professional bond.


Looking ahead from where we stand now, I strongly believe that we will continue our growth thanks to the principles that we have invested so far. We will carry on providing high quality services to foreign investors to the best of our ability.  


I thank all those who believed in and relied on Kapital Network!


Zeki Öcal

Managing Partner



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