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Consultancy We, as ECOVIS Kapital Network, listen to your global and local strategies, and find out innovative solutions, for your needs and your challenges, by gathering together with our experience in the domestic and international tax fields.

Serdar Hilmi Başar

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Consultancy service is provided by our expert staff in relation to any special tax treatments or problems faced by our clients. In this context, tax problems are analyzed and solutions or alternatives that shall help you to benefit from all possible exemptions or advantageous applications in the legislation are recommended.
Regular monthly meetings are preferred to help to communicate in detail with you on the latest changes to the tax laws and listen to your queries and concerns.
In certain cases, we provide a written recommendation to you, especially on more complex issues.
Consultancy services are detailed as below:
- Creating innovative tax strategies.
- Defining correct tax positions.
- Supporting you to save money in the complex tax perimeter .
- Finding out opportunities which reduce taxes.
- Tax planning.
- Alerting you in case of any change in the tax legislation.
- Approaching proactively to the taxes.
- Ongoing and regular advise on tax legislation.
- Recommendations in writings.



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